Cold Case Unsolved Crime Investigations in Connecticut and MassachusettsMany times cases will go unsolved for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, no matter how well intentioned, police and prosecutors come up with the wrong conclusions and put the case on the sidelines. Occasionally, even the laws themselves can work against a successful case. And even worst some times the workload of the police does not allow for the needed attention to be given to the case. Generally, after time, the trail grows cold, witnesses become unreliable and evidence becomes weak. Few cases are actually re-opened without new evidence. The odds of a successful resolution decreases as time passes. Many times a new fresh perspective on a cold case is needed. One that could lead the unsolved case in a new direction that will contribute to a better understanding of what occurred and possibly being solved.

Assurance Investigations Group will use every resource available to bring resolution to the case by bringing the most effective, reliable investigative methods into the investigation. In unsolved crime cases, we assist clients by helping them fill in the details surrounding a case to shed new light on the situation. Additionally the exposure of new information may force the police to also take additional actions.

Our team of highly experienced investigators will provide expert assistance in reviewing previously unsolved cases. Their broad investigative experience and ability in bringing closure to criminal and civil cases that have not been pursued using conventional means and methodologies is unequaled. Let us help you bring resolution to unsolved crimes and uncover the truth.

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