What happens on a surveillance case?

When conducting surveillance on a spouse or partner, the Private Investigator will first determine the best schedule for surveillance with you. Once on surveillance, all visible activity will be recorded on videotape. Should your spouse or partner enter a public location, such as a bar or shopping center, covert videotape will be obtained where possible. The Investigator will also document all activity that is observed and can supply you with a copy of the video, as well as a formal written report. No need to worry about our investigators coming into close contact with your spouse, as we have disguises and covert equipment that are impossible to spot. Your spouse could look directly at our camera and never know that they were seeing a camera.

What is the cost? How do you charge?

Our rates vary, based on the type of investigation required and the number of private investigators needed. In most cases we charge on an hourly basis and do not have any hidden charges, such as typing fees or video copying fees. Please contact our firm directly to for a free consultation, and at that time, we can determine a budget for your case. Do not shop for your investigative firm by price alone. You want the very best to represent you, and a low ball quote from an inexperienced firm will get you results that are of low quality, or they may compromise the investigation with sloppy work. Do you want a firm with well paid professionals or do you want a $7.00 an hours investigator trainee working your case? We use only full time professional investigators with years of experience. You can feel confident investigations are results oriented and conducted in a cost effective manner. The amount you spend may be less than what you think and may pay for itself if you’re making unjustified payments in matters such as court ordered alimony and child support.

What kind of report or documentation will I receive?

You will receive a copy of the video obtained while in the field, as well as a written formal report (by request). Both of these items are admissible in court and are provided with no additional charge.

Why shouldn’t I use a data broker on the Internet that charges low, one-time fees for information?

There are many data brokers on the Internet that offer specials such as locating an individual for a low one-time rate. The problem with obtaining information in this fashion is that you will generally receive a list of possible data that may or may not be the individual you are looking for. The data brokers leave the footwork up to you of determining if any of the possible matches are, in fact, the person you are locating. As a licensed, professional private investigators in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we will do the footwork and verification for you to make sure that you are receiving accurate information.

How long does it take to start the investigation?

Once the client agrees to the terms, conditions and scope of the investigation, usually the case can be started within hours. Understandably, while you may be anxious to get started it is important to properly prepare for the case. The success of a surveillance is greatly increased when sufficient time is allowed to gather pre-surveillance information in efforts to develop helpful intelligence. This information is beneficial during the planning and operational stage of the investigation where quick decisions are often made based on information obtained prior to the surveillance.  Assurance Investigations Group uses only dedicated full time investigators allowing us a quick and effective response time.

How do you make sure that you are not caught while performing an investigation?

Our Private Investigators are trained in the art of surveillance, and make every attempt to stay undercover. In general, individuals have no idea they are being followed. Just think about the last time that you noted the cars behind and around your vehicle as you drove to the store. If the vehicles around you were driving normally and with the flow of traffic, you would have no reason to suspect anything. In addition, if an Investigator feels that their cover has been compromised in any fashion, the surveillance is immediately terminated, and a new plan is put into action. It is of utmost importance that your situation not be revealed and consider discretion to be a top priority.

How long will it take to complete my investigation? 

This can vary from case to case. The length of the time it takes to complete private investigations depends on several factors, such as the scope and type of investigation. For example, while two cases involving infidelity or child custody investigations may on their face be similar, they often result in case specific leads and other information that needs to be followed up on. As experienced Private Investigators we will work with the client to establish a timeline and game-plan to achieve the desired outcome.

When will I know what the Investigator finds out?

The Investigator assigned to your case will keep in touch with you throughout the course of the assignment. You will receive updates on the days that surveillance is completed, and if a decision needs to be made while the Investigator is in the field, they will contact you immediately for your advisement.

What areas do you cover?

Assurance Investigations Group offers its services throughout all of Connecticut and Massachusetts. In Connecticut from Litchfield and Hartford County to Fairfield and Middlesex County.


We offer are full array of Private Investigative services throughout all of Massachusetts including; Hampden County, Worcester County, Hampshire County.

Contact Assurance Investigations Group at (413) 274-8829 for a free consultation with a licensed, experienced, and professional private investigator located in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.