Springfield Massachusetts Private Investigator conducts recorded statementsWitness statements in personal injury investigations can make or break your case.  Even if the police report assigns liability to the defendant this is no guarantee of success.  Personal injury witness statements are often the crucial glue that holds your case together.  What you don’t know can hurt you… many seemingly great cases have been sunk because key witnesses were unreliable or discredited unbeknownst to the attorney.

Selecting the right type of Witness Statements

It is important to obtain witness statements early on in the case.  When hiring a private Investigator to conduct your personal injury investigation there are essentially three options available; a recorded witness statement, a written and signed witness statement or an informal witness interview where no statement is taken.  There are different circumstances which predicate which option is most appropriate. Having an experienced investigator in the field taking conducting the interview and determining the best type of statement can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case. There are pro’s and con’s of the different methods of statement’s and knowing which one will represent your client’s best interest is crucial.

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