“Hard Evidence” Can Influence A Court Decision

If you’ve ever been involved in a child custody dispute, then you know how crucial evidence can be in winning your custody battle. Hard evidence can make extreme impacts during custody modification hearings, and can influence the outcome of your percentage of child custody. Often couples see a breakdown in communication before they enter the family court arena. Once that communication turns into attorney-attorney communication it’s pretty much over, and the courts will ultimately be making the decisions on what’s best for your children. Family Court can be a tough battlefield, and you should have every resource possible on your side when facing your situation head on.

Courts Will Make A Decision Based On What They Are Shown

You can have a much better chance of prevailing in court with actual “hard evidence” in your favor. Private Investigators excel in providing evidence that can literally speak for itself in court. Your attorney may do a great job at representing you, filing your papers with the court and other legal matters, but when it comes to evidence collection and hard facts they leave it in the hands of a qualified licensed private investigator.

A child custody private investigator in Connecticut and Massachusetts can find a wide range of “good evidence” resulting in a positive outcome. The other parent may be an alcoholic, a known drug user, heavy into partying, a reckless driver, associates with others who have criminal records, and the list goes on.

Hiring a qualified investigator for surveillance on a child custody matter in its beginning stages can be very beneficial to your case. Remember, your attorney cannot provide you with physical evidence on the other parent’s whereabouts, engagements, and activity level. Attorneys save this “field work” for the investigators. Investigators enjoy working with attorneys and private clients, and their best interest is your best interest.

How A Surveillance Investigation Can Benefit Your Case:

1) Video documenting your child custody exchange can be a great place to start on most investigation. The cost of a custody exchange surveillance can be kept to a reasonable level, and it’s a great way to start developing evidence…almost immediately! This involves having the other parent under surveillance before, during and after the child custody exchange. This type of surveillance can document your demeanor, promptness, and safety of the child, which can cast a positive light in your corner when it comes down to custody evaluations. The investigator will also be capturing the actions of the other parent as well, without their knowledge. This can give the family court a candid view of the other party’s “true” behavior.

2) A surveillance investigation can yield actual physical evidence. Suspicious that the other parent may have a drinking problem? Imagine the look on the judge’s face when an investigator produces videotape of the other parent getting drunk at a bar, driving off in their vehicle, displaying willful disregard for the safety of themselves and the general public. Situations like this can be documented during a child custody investigation.

3) Surveillance can be an excellent tool for documenting who the other parent spends their time with. This person may have more than one person they are romantically involved with. This can confuse the child with who they should look up to as a parental figure. Surveillance may show the other parent dating someone involved in a line of work that may not be suitable for the child. The person they are dating may come and go at odd hours which could disrupt the child’s sleep schedule for school. This type of evidence is very important and can help you obtain the type of custody you deserve.

These are just a few of the reasons to hire a private investigator for your child custody case. If you feel this can benefit you, call a qualified child custody investigator and set up an appointment to interview them and determine for yourself if they have what it takes to make the most out of your case.