Vandalism and Harassment is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Unsolved acts of vandalism and harassment can escalate and be very burdensome both financially and psychologically.  Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies don’t always have the time and resources to investigate every vandalism or harassment complaint they receive as thoroughly as needed. Assurance Investigations Group can quickly and effectively investigate any and all acts of vandalism or harassing messages you may encounter. We have the experience, knowledge and tools needed to put a stop to harassment before it escalates.

We will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances surrounding the problem and work together with you to determine the best course of action based on  your desired outcome.

We have a wide range of services that can be geared toward catching the criminals in that act with documented evidence allowing for prosecution.


We can conduct an investigation geared toward the apprehension of the criminal and with thoroughly documented evidence we can build a strong case for the prosecution of the perpetrator. This may include such measures as conducting interviews, video surveillance and physical surveillance of suspects. We will work closely with the police to insure that all steps that are taken to apprehend the perpetrator will be admissible in court.


If your goal is to prevent future acts of vandalism or harassment we can work with you and your budget to establish a plan of action to secure your property in a cost effective manor.

Due Diligence:

If your business or an employee are being harassed it is critical that you take action, and quickly. If you try to handle the matter yourself even with the best of intentions you may be opening yourself up to a costly lawsuit. It is the businesses responsibility to do it’s Due Diligence in resolving any matter that can make a hostile work environment.   You must:

  • Investigate
  • Reinforce the policy
  • Gather evidence, including notes and handwriting samples
  • Provide surveillance
  • Remove offending public displays, such as graffiti, after it has been documented
  • Get outside authorities involved as needed
  • Be aware of conflicts of interest

And you must do all of this on a timely, very timely, basis.

Vandalism and Harassment Investigations CT MA